Hi, I'm Nick, an enthusiast of both Moe and Jung but more broadly anime, psychology and philosophy. That trinity has plenty overlap, however. You can't really untangle them at all. In essence, they are all attempts at self-understanding by the author and in the viewer/reader. I hope this blog will serve a similar purpose. Just as it took Jung to explicate himself through his collected works, so too will I attempt to explicate myself through my blog. For only through the creative process can we begin to create ourselves. I hope you join me on this journey. But don't forget to try in mind that you must create yourself through your own journey. By all means look to what I write with (hopefully) interest and inspiration, but don't lose site of your own journey in the process. Create something authentic to yourself, all the while taking inspiration from the cutlure and those you find interest in. And thus my chuuni rave is over. Please do contact me on the contact page which probably works; I'd love to talk about whatever!